Lecturer in Zoology at University of Hull

I am an evolutionary biologist at the University of Hull, UK. My research focuses on insects, their reproductive strategies and life histories. My main focus at the moment is on the evolution of social behaviour, but my collaborators and I also work on sexual conflict, parental care, nutrition and even proteomics. You can learn more about my research from my website.

Insects and their tiny allies are the some of most numerous and most awesome creatures on the planet. To an evolutionary biologist like me, they are like an insane Aladdin's cave. Sadly, they mostly get a bad press - to this day, the question I am most often asked is "Oh, you work on insects? Well, can you tell me how to kill these pests in my garden...?" Hearing this makes me sad. To redress the balance I'm keen to write as much as possible about the amazing, crazy little world I'm lucky enough to study.


  • –present
    Lecturer in Zoology, University of Hull
  • 2014–2015
    Postdoctoral fellow in evolutionary insect ecology, University of Sussex
  • 2011–2013
    Postdoctoral fellow in evolutionary insect ecology, University of Sydney
  • 2009–2011
    Associate Lecturer, University of Derby
  • 2007–2009
    Postdoctoral Associate in nutritional ecology, University of Maryland


  • 2007 
    University of Cambridge, PhD/Zoology

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