Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Leicester

I am a long-term member of the British Sociological Association and am part of the following BSA study group networks:

Family & Relationships
Ageing, Body & Society
I have collaborated with Leicester Ageing Together, including in the development of a community researcher programme to evaluate issues that matter to older people.

I am

a member of Campaign for Social Sciences Working Group for the production of a report on the value of social sciences in the run-up to the 2015 General Election (2014-2015).
Associate Editorial Board member for the journal Sociological Research Online (2013-2017) [Click on this link to go to the journal]
an Associate Editorial Board member for the journal Sociology (2013-2017)
an Editorial Board member for the journal Qualitative Research (2002-2005)
an academic sociology consultant to businesses and organisations, including Genergraphics Incorporated (a US marketing company specialising in generational research) in the publication of their book Genergraphics: The International Language of Marketing (2010-2013)
a regular consultant for print and broadcast journalists, including appearances on BBC Radio 4's Woman’s Hour (2011 and 2017), Archive (2011) and Thinking Allowed (2016) programmes and features/news reports in The Sunday Times, amongst other newspapers
a regular reviewer of proposals for book publishers such as
Oxford University Press
a regular reviewer of grant applications for funding bodies including
the Leverhulme Trust
the ESRC
I have refereed journal articles by invitation for the editors of the American Journal of Sociology, Childhood, Current Sociology, Gender and Education, and others.

My published work on children and the consumption of fashion was submitted (2011) to the UK government Department for Education's Bailey Review of the commercialisation and sexualisation of childhood.

Public engagement

I actively use social media to promote sociology to a wider public and (under 'sociologyblog') have a Twitter and Facebook profile.

In February 2013, my idea Social Worlds in 100 Objects was launched by the University of Leicester. Inspired by a popular BBC Radio 4 series on historical objects, it is an innovative project that provides a social science perspective to everyday objects. My own contributions to this project use the objects of the rocking horse to discuss childhood as a stage in the life course and the clock to discuss conceptions of time.


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    Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Leicester