Research Director of Australian Centre for FInancial Studies and Professor of Finance at Melbourne and Monash Universities, Australian Centre for Financial Studies

Kevin Davis is Professor of Finance at University of Melbourne, Research Director of the Australian Centre for Financial Studies and Professor at Monash University.

Prior to his appointment at the University of Melbourne in 1987, he was a Senior Lecturer in Economics at the University of Adelaide.

His primary research interests are in the areas of financial institutions and markets, financial engineering and corporate finance.

He is co-author/editor of sixteen books in the areas of finance, banking, monetary economics and macroeconomics and numerous journal articles and chapters in books. He is on the Board (and previously Chairperson) of the Melbourne University Credit Union, and has developed and presented numerous training programs for banks and businesses.

He has undertaken an extensive range of consulting assignments for financial institutions, business and government. Most recently (2014) he was a panel member of the Financial System (Murray) Inquiry.

Kevin was the inaugural Director of the Melbourne (now Australian) Centre for Financial Studies from July 2005-December 2008.


  • 2009–present
    Research Director, Australian Centre for Financial Studies
  • 1991–present
    Board member, Melbourne University Credit Union
  • 2006–present
    Board member, SIRCA
  • 1987–present
    Professor of Finance, University of Melbourne
  • 2007–present
    Co-Chair, Australia-New Zealand Shadow Financial Regulatory Committee
  • 2005–2009
    Director, Melbourne Centre for Financial Studies


  • 1972 
    Australian National University , Master of Economics
  • 1970 
    Flinders University of South Australia , B.Ec. (Hons I)

Research Areas

  • Banking, Finance And Investment (1502)
  • Financial Institutions (Incl. Banking) (150203)
  • Investment And Risk Management (150205)
  • Finance (150201)
  • Banking, Finance And Investment Not Elsewhere Classified (150299)
  • International Economics And International Finance (140210)