Teen Mental Health First Aid coordinator, University of Melbourne

Dr. Laura Hart has a background in psychology and has worked in the area of public mental health research for the last 5 years. Based at Orygen Youth Health Research Centre, Laura has worked on a wide range of projects developing and evaluating resources that teach the public how to recognise and support individuals with mental illness.

Laura worked in the area of Aboriginal and Torres Strait mental health for 4 years, developing guidelines on how to provide culturally appropriate support to Indigenous Australians experiencing mental illness. She has published and presented widely on research in Indigenous mental health first aid.

Laura recently completed her PhD at the Centre for Youth Mental Health, University of Melbourne, in the area of "Mental Health First Aid for Eating Disorders". Her research developed guidelines and a training package to teach the public about how to recognise when someone has an eating disorder and how to assist them to seek professional help.

The winner of multiple awards for scientific presentations, Laura is an early career researcher who is actively involved in advocacy for individuals with mental illness. Her research areas of interest include youth mental health, mental health first aid and eating disorders.


  • 2011–present
    Lecturer in Mental Health First Aid, Centre for Youth Mental Health, University of Melbourne


    University of Melbourne, PhD, BSc(hons), BA

Research Areas

  • Public Health And Health Services (1117)
  • Mental Health (111714)