Senior Lecturer, QUT Business School, Economics and Finance, Queensland University of Technology

Dr Mark McGovern currently lectures in international economics and finance for international business at QUT. Funded industry research projects have included work for Queensland Main Roads on Financing Transport Infrastructure and for South West Natural Resource Management on Agricultural Viability.

Mark’s long term research interest is in industry development in open economies. This saw him invited to the 2020 Summit with follow up research on food security. He is an active member of the Rural Finance Roundtable Working Group.

As an applied economist with experience over many industries, he draws from theoretical areas of regional, industry and international economics; impact analysis; and economics more generally.

Mark has convened a number of summits and seminars to promote dialogues on matters of importance to the Queensland and Australian economies.


  • 1989–present
    Senior Lecturer, Queensland University of Technology

Research Areas

  • Applied Economics (1402)
  • Urban And Regional Economics (140218)