Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of Nottingham

I joined Nottingham in 2016, having previously worked at the Universities of Leeds and Sheffield. My research interests lie at the intersections of urban geography, critical economic geography, migration studies, and the study of social and labour movements.

Predominantly focusing on Latin America, my research draws on a range of critical qualitative methods, emphasising both the potentials and challenges of 'militant research'. My doctorate focused on the relationship between migrants and social/labour movements in Buenos Aires, paying particular attention to the political and territorial subjectivities of these migrants, as well as their regular exclusion from many of these movements. Drawing on a range of anarchist and autonomist Marxist theories, I developed a radical reading of territory which framed the intersectional, urban struggles of different migrant groups


  • 2016–present
    Assistant professor in economic geography, University of Nottingham