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Oliver Heidrich

Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Newcastle University

I am a qualified Civil Engineer and after graduating in 2006 with a PhD in Environmental Management and Psychology and after 8 years in industry I re-joined University in 2011 as a researcher. I am now a Professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering. I investigate urban climate change strategies to implement mitigation and adaptation technologies and determine the impact these strategies have on natural resources across the globe.

My vision is to make this world an even better place. My mission is that Government, Industry and Society will appreciate the environmental and resource consequences of their actions (or indeed inaction). Having worked in the construction industry and graduated as a fully qualified Civil Engineer in Germany

I develop and apply engineering and management methodologies to increase the profitability and understanding of industrial and urban processes. My projects have been assessed independently and received the highest possible ratings for the transfer of technical and management knowledge. I have designed and delivered training courses and consulted local and multinational companies from the construction to the banking sector. My work enhances the research and training of science, engineering, and managerial knowledge as they are directly relevant to businesses and governmental organisations.

I now develop new approaches to model and manage climate change adaptation, mitigation, natural resources, and material flows using e.g. life cycle assessment, industrial ecology, and standardised systems e.g. 9001, 18001 and 14001 in urban environments. I aim to provide researchers and decision-makers with a system-scale understanding of the inter-relationships between resource mapping and resource use in cities. I consider climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies and technologies in the built environment. We quantify the intended and indeed unintended consequences of climate change interventions.

My research, consultancy and publications feed directly into my teaching bringing expertise into the classroom. I lead modules, teach and conduct the associated administration of Higher Education (HE) Programs for UG, PG, and doctoral students. My leadership, lecturing, and administration in HE has been assessed by colleagues and students as being “very effective” and “excellent”.

I research and develop new theories for urban areas (cities) and climate change adaptation and mitigation by considering resource models, life cycle assessment and costing, industrial ecology principles, and standardised management systems.


  • –present
    Senior Researcher in Urban Resource Modelling, Newcastle University