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Astrophysicist, University of Sydney

I am a research astrophysicist in the department of physics at the University of Sydney, Australia. My research interests have their origins in high-angular resolution imaging in Astronomy. I have led a number of projects exploring novel optical techniques for recovering images of celestial objects with extremely fine detail. The picture left shows me mounting a mask plate in the prime focus cage of the 10 meter Keck Telescope in Hawaii in order to perform an imaging experiment. In addition to working with telescopes in Hawaii, Chile and California, I also work with the SUSI interferometer at Narrabri, Australia. Turning a new telescope with access to exquisite fidelity and resolution to the skies, the detailed structures and forms of key episodes of the private lives of stars - stellar birth and death have been revealed.


  • –present
    Astrophysicist, University of Sydney


  • 1994 
    University of Cambridge, PhD