Associate Professor in English, Department of language, literature, and intercultural studies, Karlstad University, Sweden, Karlstads University

My research interests focus on second language acquisition, in particular informal learning of English, L2 English vocabulary acquisition, oral proficiency, and assessment. In my thesis I focused on the impact of extramural (out-of-school) English on Swedish ninth graders' oral proficiency and vocabulary. I also examined motivation and other background variables.

I am involved in a project on vocabulary and extramural English, with a focus on digital gameplay. The main objective is to deepen the knowledge about the relation between vocabulary (receptive and productive) and the use of extramural English, with a focus on digital gameplay (type of games played and frequency of gaming).

I’m involved in the project Testing Talk which aims to provide a comprehensive description and analysis of how learner interaction in paired oral proficiency tests is introduced, conducted, and assessed. Focus is on the oral part of the national test of English in 9th grade.


  • 2014–present
    Associate professor, Karlstad University
  • 2010–present
    Senior lecturer, Karlstad University
  • 2005–present
    Doctoral candidate, Karlstad University