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Rachel Ong ViforJ

ARC Future Fellow & Professor of Economics, Curtin University

Rachel Ong ViforJ is an ARC Future Fellow and Professor of Economics at the School of Accounting, Economics and Finance, Curtin University. Her research interests include the role of housing in Australia’s ageing population, intergenerational housing concerns, housing pathways, housing affordability dynamics, and the links between housing and non-shelter outcomes. She is currently undertaking research in three major areas – intergenerational housing wealth inequality, the edges of home ownership, and the links between housing and wellbeing.

Rachel was the recipient of the 2018 Young Economist Award and 2019 Professor Mike Berry Award for Excellence in Housing Research. She has received research funding from the ARC, AHURI, industry and government organisations. She is a member of the National Economic Panel and the CEDA Council on Economic Policy. She is also an Australian representative and member of the steering committee of the Asia-Pacific Network for Housing Research and Managing Editor of Australian Economic Papers.


  • 2016–present
    Professor, Curtin University


  • 2005 
    Murdoch University, PhD