Honorary Fellow, School of Historical and Philosophical Studies at University of Melbourne

Dr. Rey Tiquia is a qualified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). He took his BA from Manuel Luis Quezon University, Manila, Philippines, and his MSc and Ph.D. degrees in History and Philosophy of Science, University of Melbourne, Australia. His dissertation was entitled, Traditional Chinese Medicine as an Australian tradition of health care, and he has lectured on the history and philosophy of TCM at both University of Melbourne and Victoria University of Technology. In 2000, the Wellcome Trust invited him to facilitate a workshop for the Closed-Door Research Conference on Complementary and Alternative Medicine in London, UK. Since 1997, he has been an Honorary Professor at Shanxi College of TCM, Taiyuan City, China.


  • 2010–present
    Honorary fellow, School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, University of Melbourne
  • 1983–present
    Scholar/Practitiioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Melbourne, Australia


  • 2005 
    University of Melbourne, Doctory of Philosophy
  • 1979 
    Beijing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine , Bachelor of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Research Areas

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine And Treatments (110404)
  • Complementary And Alternative Medicine (1104)

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