Visiting professor, Management in the International Food Industry, University of Kassel

Professor Roger Burritt PhD (ANU) M. Phil/B.Phil (Oxon) B. Arts (Joint Honours) (Lcr)
Roger Burritt is Visiting Professor, Management in the International Food Industry, Faculty of Organic Agricultural Sciences, University of Kassel, Germany. His main research interest is in the relationship between the language of business, as captured by accounting, and the environmental and social environments in which business operates.
Roger promotes research capacity in transdisciplinary areas predominantly accounting, finance, law, engineering and management. His work reflects the need to bring together teams of professionals with different but complementary skills to solve real world problems within a sustainability framework.
Roger has an international reputation and significant publication record, largely in environmental management accounting with special interest in water accounting, and the mining and wine industries.


  • 2014–present
    Professor of Accounting and Sustainability, Macquarie University


    Lancaster University, B.Arts (Joint Honours)
    Oxford University, Master of Philosophy
    The Australian National University, PhD

Research Areas

  • Accounting, Auditing And Accountability (1501)
  • Sustainability Accounting And Reporting (150106)
  • Management Accounting (150105)