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Rosa Freedman joined Birmingham Law School in 2011 having previously taught Law at Queen Mary, University of London. Rosa has written articles on legal matters for national media and online blogs , and has provided research and expertise to a number of NGOs. Her first book, The United Nations Human Rights Council: an early assessment was published in March 2013 and her second book Failing to Protect: The UN and Politicisation of Human Rights was published in May 2014.

Rosa researches and writes on the United Nations human rights machinery and international human rights law. She is interested in the extent to which those bodies discharge their mandates and the intersection of international law and international relations. She has published extensively on the United Nations Human Rights Council and is currently focuisng on the United Nations Special Procedures system. Rosa has a broader interest in the impact of politics, international relations, the media, and civil society both on the work and proceedings of international institutions and on states’ compliance with international human rights norms. Rosa has presented papers at national and international conferences on international human rights and international law. Rosa also undertakes interdisciplinary and collaborative research on hybridity, including jointly organising and running an interdisciplinary workshop through the Institute of Advanced Studies.

Rosa's most recent book, 'Failing To Protect: The UN and the politicisation of human rights' was published by Hurst last month.