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Senior Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO

Dr Russ Babcock is a marine ecologist with CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research. He has broad interests including invertebrate reproduction and larval ecology, the effects of coastal development, marine conservation and trophic cascade effects.

Dr Babcock leads research in CSIRO's Wealth from Oceans Flagship to better understand how human activities influence coastal ecosystems, such as kelp forests and coral reefs. These research programs focus on issues such as:

the effectiveness of marine reserves as conservation tools and their use as tools for understanding the effects of fishing and fisheries management in temperate kelp forest and coral reef ecosystems

the impacts of phenomena such as sedimentation on coastal, coral reef and seagrass ecosystems

Application of new technologies such as Autonomous Underwater Vehicles and acoustic tagging and tracking to provide new ecological insights for better management.


  • –present
    Senior Principal Research Scientist, CSIRO