Stacey completed her PhD at The Ritchie Centre, Monash University Australia, in

September of 2014. The focus of her PhD studies was an investigation of the adverse

outcomes of birth asphyxia on renal function, together with an evaluation of prenatal

[maternal] administration of creatine to protect the fetal/neonatal kidney. Stacey has

now taken on a postdoctoral position at The Ritchie Centre, where she intends to

extend the work completed during her PhD, but with a focus on maternal nutrition,

placentology, factors leading to fetal growth deficiencies and energy homeostasis

during pregnancy. Stacey is specifically interested in investigating whether

adjustments to maternal energy homeostasis during pregnancy can improve outcomes

where fetal growth retardation, preterm birth, and birth asphyxia are at high risk.


  • 2014–2016
    Postdoctoral Researcher, Hudson Institute of Medical Research