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Tin Bunjevac

Lecturer, College of Law & Justice at Victoria University

Tin has more than ten years of practical experience in a variety of legal, academic and court-related roles. He has been a member of the Victorian Bar since 2004 and has provided legal advice to public and commercial entities, including ASX listed companies, government agencies and government instrumentalities. He is also a member of the International Association For Court Administration (IACA).
Prior to joining Victoria University Law School, Tin was a policy advisor at the Courts division of the Department of Justice, where he utilised his expertise in court governance and court administration. In this role he advised the Attorney-General and the Executive Director of Courts on policy matters affecting the operations of the courts and tribunals. In April 2010 Tin received a commendation from the Attorney-General (VIC) for "significant contribution to delivering excellent services to the Victorian community."
Tin's key areas of professional interest and academic expertise include court governance, court quality systems and the relationship between public administration and judicial administration. He recently published two comparative studies that critically analyse the models of court administration in seven Australian and international jurisdictions. His work in this area has been very well-received in Australia and internationally.
Tin has considerable experience in managing and implementing court-related projects, including the recent introduction of the mental health court in the Magistrates' Court of Victoria ("the ARC List"), for which he received a Justice 2010 Award from the Department of Justice.
In 2008 and 2009, Tin was the lecturer of corporate law subjects at LLM level. During this period he published a highly regarded paper in the Melbourne University Law Review, which critically analyses the regulation of governance of financial markets intermediaries in the USA, EU and Australia during the global financial crisis. Tin regularly peer-reviews papers in this area and has contributed to public debate on such issues as an expert commentator on ABC Radio and in The Conversation.