Program Director, Master of Management; Lecturer in Managing, Leading & Stewardship, University of Technology Sydney

Dr. Walter Jarvis:
After 20 plus years as an executive & consultant across a broad range of industries (manufacturing and service), I arrived "late" for this my second career - as a management academic, with much questioning of (and serious disenchantment with) preparing graduates for leading and managing practice.

In my research & teaching I am keen to help restore the social, political & ecological contexts of trusting business & management to university-based management education. My research centres on what is taught (and more formatively, what is not taught) in preparing management graduates for greater & necessarily increasing public scrutiny of the social, economic & ecological impacts of their decisions and practice. I believe that an experience-based approach to learning is needed to enable management practitioner-scholars to firstly understand what it is like (to be "managed" and "to lead". Only then are students/novice practitioners able to value, develop & cultivate their own - & institutional building - action-guiding principles of leading, managing & inter-generational stewardship (of human dignity in the workplace). Directionally these become action-guiding principles - progressively on terms that warrant respect for vital roles to be played in the increasingly "wicked" situations that define our vulnerable, interdependent world.


  • 1993–present
    Principal and Founder, Jarvis Management Learning
  • 2004–present
    Lecturer in Management Practice, University of Technology, Sydney
  • 1970–1993
    Broad range of senior management positions - from functional roles to divisional management, including Esso (16 years to 1991).


  • 2009 
    University of Technology, Sydney, Doctor of Education (Dissertation: "Moral accountability in the MBA: a Kantian response to a public problem")
  • 1998 
    University of Technology, Sydney, Masters in Education (Adult)
  • 1970 
    University of New South Wales, Bachelor of Commerce

Research Areas

  • Economics, Business And Management Curriculum And Pedagogy (130203)
  • Ethical Theory (220305)
  • Social Theory (160806)
  • Organisation And Management Theory (150310)
  • Social Change (160805)
  • Business And Management (1503)
  • Comparative Economic Systems (149901)
  • History And Philosophy Of Education (220202)
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