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Race still a factor in US home loan approvals

Minority race loan applicants in the USA are more likely to be denied a loan than Caucasian applicants in similar financial positions.

Researchers from New York University analysed data from over eight thousand lending institutes during the housing boom of 2006 and found that race is still a significant factor in the housing market and mortgage process.

African American loan applicants were listed as the most likely to be denied, closely followed by applicants of Latin American origin.

Wealthy minorities were found to be more likely to receive subprime loans than Caucasians in the USA, but are often denied prime loans.

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  1. Spot Thedog

    Online Representative

    With all this talk of racial equality and maintaining an image of political correctness, it’s embarrassing that the country is blatantly involved in such a segregation of society. If you share the same country as your birthright, then you should also share the same privileges and restrictions. Those considered of the “minority” race are found in all levels of the economy just like everyone else. They should have access to financial aid, be they personal loans or housing assistance, just like everyone else. They should be respected and given the same civil liberties just like everyone else.