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Eat this, don’t eat that. Exercise like this, not like that. Sleep more, sleep less. Sound like something you’ve heard before? Well, we’re tired of it too.

When it comes to the world of health and living, there are a million different opinions floating around, all claiming to know the best way in how to look after ourselves.

Sometimes, it’s all just too overwhelming.

So, we’re here to help. Meet Thrive: a weekly dose of evidence-based information to guide you through those never-ending choices about how to look after yourself and those around you.

Each Saturday, we will be bring you the best Conversation articles to help you live well.

We hear regularly from health organisations, for instance, that we should eat less sugar (and from others that we should be scared of it). But we’re also told we should eat more fruit.

So which should we believe? How about the experts; specifically Kacie Dickinson from Flinders University and Jodi Bernstein from the University of Toronto. They pulled together the best evidence to explain that while sugar does have a myriad of bad health effects, we should still eat fruit for its vitamins and nutrients.

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