The Conversation is on WhatsApp for coverage of the EU referendum

The Conversation notifications coming to your smartphone.

People say they want clear, explanatory information ahead of the EU referendum to consider what Brexit means. Well we’ve been doing just that. Our special coverage features sharp analysis and Fact Checks by academic experts that cuts through the noise and answers some of the most pressing questions you have.

Now we’re offering curated updates via WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging smartphone app. This is in addition to our newsletter, Facebook, Twitter and new podcast, The Anthill.

What we’re doing

We’ll be using WhatsApp to share EU referendum related content. That could be analysis articles, explainers, graphs or call outs for reader questions and ideas. With WhatsApp, we intend to give you highly relevant information in a timely manner (for example: some live debunking during a TV debate).

You can expect about one update a day.

How to join

WhatsApp has its own simple guide to getting started but here’s the gist.

First, you’ll need to download WhatsApp to your phone. It’s a free download for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Then add us to your phone’s contact list. The number you will need to add is: +44 7393 416063.

Finally, open WhatsApp and send “Join” to that number. We’ll then add you to our list for updates. If you’d like to stop receiving updates send “Stop”.

Note that the number won’t be monitored – calls and regular text messages won’t come through to it. So, if you run into any trouble, email Ally.