The Conversation’s 2015 Yearbook: Politics, policy and the chance of change

It has been a pretty challenging political year: political and economic turbulence, threats of terrorism and climate change, the prospect of Australia’s charmed run as “the lucky country” coming to an end. Oh, and for those with a taste for personality politics there’s the small matter of Malcolm Turnbull ousting Tony Abbott to become the country’s fifth prime minister in five years.

The ConversationYearbook 2015.

Our annual collection of commentary and analysis, “Politics, policy and the chance of change: The Conversation 2015 Yearbook” chronicles all this and takes readers beyond three word slogans to explore the real policy issues that faced Australia in 2015.

Edited by John Watson and with a foreword by chief political correspondent Michelle Grattan, it features dozens of Australia’s sharpest academic minds as well as “views from abroad” from academics in the UK, US, Africa and France.

You can purchase the Yearbook for $9.99 through Melbourne University Publishing.