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Verifying student identity, including during online tests, has always been a major stumbling block for Massive Open Online Courses. University of Maryland

Online course host Coursera to ID students using typing style

Online course host Coursera will verify the identities of participating students using web cams and technology that can fingerprint…
Credit for study done via massive open online courses is available in the US. mcwetboy/Flickr

Credit for MOOCs presents challenges in Australia

Major barriers still stand in the way of Australian universities giving students credit for completing Massive Open Online…
UWA has joined the growing MOOCs movement. David Fisher

UWA to offer open online, mobile courses

The University of Western Australia will offer three free online courses early next year, including one on Australian studies…
Google has attracted 20 million users in its race to capture the education sector. AAP

Google winning race to capture education market

After six years targeting the education sector, Google says it has more than 20 million students, faculty and staff around…

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