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Long-time friend of Gina Rinehart, John Singleton believes she should be able to influence editorial decisions at Fairfax. AAP

With Gina poised, a new class of conservative elites now rule the roost

For years, in the tabloid media and on talkback radio, we’ve been hearing about the domination of Australian politics by a “new class” of left-wing “cultural elites”, but the Rinehart ascendancy at Fairfax…
Trust in the media is at the heart of issues around Gina Rinehart, Fairfax and editorial independence. AAP

Basically, the fight around Fairfax is about who we should trust

Amid indications that Fairfax is going into the corporate death spiral – ongoing disinvestment resulting in smaller market share - we’re asking the wrong questions about the future of the Australian media…
Party With Paris … Fairfax broadsheets The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age present a decidedly more tabloid face online. Supplied

Fairfax must take ‘tabloid sites’ upmarket to survive

The radical shift by Fairfax Media to a digital-first model must be accompanied by a sharp improvement in the quality of…
Malcolm Fraser and Gough Whitlam joined forces to protect the independence of The Age in Melbourne’s Fitzroy Gardens in 1991.

Malcolm Fraser: Does it matter who owns our papers? Yes it does

The Age and the Sydney Morning Herald have maintained editorial independence since the foundation of the newspapers. It is an important principle of all great newspapers, but it is a principle that will…
Fairfax Media’s Melbourne’s printing operations in Tullamarine will be closed down under a radical restructure of the company. AAP

Death by 1,900 cuts: will quality journalism thrive under Fairfax’s new model?

It was less than ten years ago that Fairfax Media’s The Age opened its shiny, new printing presses at Tullamarine. Billed at the time as “state-of-the-art”, the then Premier Steve Bracks opened the $220…
Fairfax Media needs a patron - and the one on offer is Gina Rinehart. AAP

Fairfax is broke and dying before our eyes - it needs Gina

Every business needs paying customers. Who those paying customers are varies from business to business. The single largest paying customer for Australian universities, for example, is the federal government…
Fairfax Chief Executive and Managing Director Greg Hywood has embarked on the biggest restructure in the company’s history. AAP/Tracey Nearmy

Fairfax to cut 1,900 jobs, shut printers in huge downsize

Fairfax Media has announced it will slash 1,900 jobs, shut its main printing plants, and take its two iconic mastheads…
Gina Rinehart is poised to seize control of Fairfax. AAP

Fairfax or Gina-fax? Let’s have the debate before it’s over

The next two weeks will be defining moments for Australia. It’s when Fairfax is likely to morph into Gina-fax. On Tuesday Gina Rinehart, the world’s richest woman, is expected to confirm that she has acquired…
If your morning newspaper disappeared, would you miss it? flickr/NS Newsflash

Will we miss our daily newspaper?

The hares are running on the proposition that the Fairfax Media board is considering a medium-term plan to give up on printed Monday to Friday editions of its main mastheads in favour of a digital-only…

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