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An accident in a nuclear station is much more worrying than an accident at a wind turbine. Flickr/Jaako

No need for nuclear, even in the face of climate change

Before the Fukushima reactor was swamped by a tsunami, there had been a wave of enthusiasm for nuclear power. The problems in Japan have probably ended the risk of Australia going down the nuclear path…
Newer reactors are ten times as safe as the Fukushima power plant. AAP

Is the nuclear power plant at Fukushima the best we can do?

Does the design and construction employed at Fukushima really represent the best that can be done in nuclear power? Is it inevitable that a nuclear power plant will be overwhelmed by a magnitude nine earthquake…
Is the nuclear industry facing unfair criticism? AFP Photo/Don Emmert

Nuclear will survive, because it has to

Japan relies on nuclear power for about 30% of its electricity. It has few natural resources and imports large quantities of coal, gas and oil at an ever increasing cost. Some Japanese people are not in…

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