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Huge conferences with thousands of participants aren’t getting us anywhere. Nic Bothma/EPA

Rio+20: We do not need more global sustainability conferences

Global sustainability conferences no longer fulfil a useful purpose, considering the existing dense institutional framework. We know what the problems are and need no further agenda setting. We need action…
Civil society hasn’t had nearly enough involvement in the Rio process. Antonio Lacerda/EPA

Rio+20: Take science seriously and change the process

The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20), could have brought us closer to a strengthened earth system governance. Closer towards a global, effective architecture for governance…
Big, ambitious strides aren’t the way to escape from this mess. EPA/Zsolt Szigetvary

Rio+20: Small steps could get us out of the climate quicksand

Yesterday, Nick Rowley looked at the history of sustainability agreements and why we’ve reached the impasse of Rio+20. Today he suggests a different approach. Back in November 2005, your perspective on…
The Rio Earth Summit approach to saving the planet is looking pretty old-fashioned. United Nations Photos

Rio+20: Multi-lateralism staggers; how to make it run?

Twenty years ago in a clamour of global public and media interest, representatives of all UN member states gathered in Rio de Janeiro to take part in the first Earth Summit. Later this week, the Rio+20…
Food comes from forests: surely that’s worth talking about? CIFOR

Ignoring forests won’t bring Rio+20’s ‘future we want’

In June 2012 around 40,000 participants are expected to attend one of the most important environmental gatherings in a generation - Rio+20. A draft agenda has been released, bearing the slogan “The Future…

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