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The view from the Montréal office of La Conversation Canada.

It’s here: La Conversation Canada

A unique model of journalism based on academic research and fact-based analysis is now being published in both of Canada's official languages
The Conversation receives lots of pitches. Here’s how to make yours successful.

How to pitch to The Conversation

What we’re looking for The Conversation is a source of independent news and analysis written by experts and read by a general audience. Our aim is to get good, evidence-based information to the public…
The Conversation Canada celebrates its first anniversary on June 25, 2018. Shutterstock

Amid journalistic turmoil, we started a unique Conversation

The Conversation Canada has reached an important milestone. In its first year, The Conversation Canada built an audience of millions eager to read research-based articles from Canadian academics.
Crikey reminds Australia’s media it can be a little narrow minded.

Journalists, there’s more than one expert in town, and here they are

Journalists are often under deadline pressure, which is why, says Crikey’s Emily Watkins, they return again and again to the same experts. Those who give good quotes are often also pretty good at making…
Half of The Conversation’s audience reads us on their phone. Gauthier DELECROIX/Flickr

‘Mainstream’ is not a dirty word

One of our academic authors recently commented that The Conversation has become “very mainstream in what it’s publishing”. It was a loaded comment, considering people increasingly distrust “the MSM”, sometimes…
Screen Shot at PM.

Why you should donate to The Conversation

I’m writing to ask you to donate to The Conversation. This year your support matters more than ever. In recent weeks massive job losses at Fairfax and News Limited have thrown new light on the parlous…
Tom Waterhouse/Flickr

The Conversation quiz #2

Test your knowledge of the news – and fun facts – from this week's articles on The Conversation.
Divided we fall. AAP/Reuters/The Conversation

Help us restore trust in experts

We’re keen to collaborate with more Australian media organisations to help restore some of the trust we’ve all lost.
How British newspapers covered the election of Donald Trump. Toby Melville/Reuters

How should we talk about Trump?

Lately at The Conversation we’ve been discussing how best to cover Donald Trump given the significant global ramifications of his presidency.

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