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Dear reader of The Conversation France,

As recent events abundantly show, we are now living in troubled times, where public debate is often submerged in avalanches of “fake news”, pseudo-scientific disinformation and irrational propaganda.

Since the September 2015 launch of The Conversation France, we have published more than 3,600 articles, infographics and podcasts from over 1,300 academics and researchers in France and the Francophone world. Day after day we fight to help inform our readers and nourish the broader debate with solid information. Our authors, supported by our team of 10 journalists, write high-quality news articles solidly anchored on their research and areas of expertise. All our content is free to read and republish under the Creative Commons license. We do not accept advertising and have no shareholders. All our members and benefactors are the guarantors of our editorial freedom.

The Conversation France is part of an international network of not-for-profit news websites working in the public interest, and we’re committed to making French research excellence even better known. Some 70 teaching and research institutes in France and the Francophone world support us already for this purpose. Through republication of our articles and our own site, The Conversation France has already surpassed 25 million page views since its launch.

To help further our mission, our goal is increase the number of science articles we publish. That is why we are calling on you today, to help us strengthen our team. Your donations will allow us to recruit one more journalist and develop new kinds of science articles. Our goal is to raise 50,000 euros, and we’re counting on you. All donations are of course tax deductible.

So if you’d like to help strengthen an independent media source that fights against false information, if you prefer an alternative media to “alternative facts”, support us. We’re looking forward to continuing to offer you perceptive articles and useful discoveries over the coming years.

Thank you for your loyalty and support.

Didier Pourquery
Editor in Chief


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