We’re on WhatsApp for our 2016 budget coverage

UPDATE: Now that the budget has launched, we’re closing our WhatsApp campaign. Thanks to everyone who signed up for the updates.

The 2016 federal budget is approaching. And, this year, we’ve decided to add to our coverage and will be offering curated updates via WhatsApp. This is in addition to our newsletter, Facebook page and Twitter account.

What we’re doing

We’ll be using WhatsApp to share budget related content in the lead up to this year’s federal budget. That could be articles (like our Budget Explainers), infographics or call outs for reader questions and ideas.

You can expect about three updates a week: we don’t want to spam you. WhatsApp will be one of the best ways to get curated, interesting content explaining what you need to know about this year’s Federal Budget.

How to join

Want to follow along? WhatsApp have provided a simple guide to getting started but here’s the gist.

First, you’ll need to download WhatsApp to your phone. It’s a free download for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.

Then add us to your phone’s contact list. Our number for this is +61 412 418 006.

Finally, open WhatsApp and send “Join” to that number. We’ll then add you to our list for updates. If, for any reason, you’d like to stop receiving updates, send “Stop”.

A few things to note

This is something of an experiment for us. As such, we’re limiting it to the first 250 participants.

That number won’t be monitored – calls and regular text messages won’t come through. If you run into any trouble, please leave a comment below, email me or contact us via Facebook or Twitter.