Where media meets real-world impact: The Conversation Stakeholder Report 2018

Since our launch in March 2011, we’ve grown to become one of Australia’s largest independent news and commentary sites.

As the year draws to a close, here at TC HQ we’ve taken some time to reflect on some of the successes of the past 12 months. As a not-for-profit that exists to inform public debate with knowledge-based journalism, one of our greatest triumphs is the positive (and measurable) impact our articles have had on Australian society, policies and democracy.

We are pleased to share The Conversation Stakeholder Report 2018, which provides an account of our growing audience – which in just a year has grown from nearly 7.2 million users a month to 11.8 million – as well as explaining the ways our award-winning journalism is having real impact.

Researchers are increasingly expected to produce research with impact that goes beyond the confines of academia. The Conversation Stakeholder Report 2018

There are several thank-yous in the report – to funders, partners, donors, authors, boards, staff, republishers. The Conversation truly is a collaborative effort and, quite genuinely, we simply would not exist without each of you. Thank you.

And finally, we wouldn’t be here without the support of you good readers, who turn up day after day to read, share and discuss our articles and the ideas our expert authors generously share. It’s deeply humbling to watch you, our audience, grow every month and to hear the ways in which you’re using our articles and consuming our style of independent news and views.

We thank you for your support and look forward to a year of evidence-based news coverage in 2019.

If you have ideas or feedback, we’d love to hear from you.