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Putting the jackboot into Assad. Freedom House

Hailing Hitler: why Godwin’s law never gets old

Where would we be without Godwin’s Law? This law, formulated for the internet, dictates that as a discussion progresses, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1. And, as…
Until Ed, spooks and hacks have always rubbed along well. Shutterstock

Why journalists should rally in defence of the D-notice

In the wake of Edward Snowden affair, the government is holding a review of the operations of the Defence Press and Broadcasting Advisory Committee (DPBAC) and what is generally known as the “D-Notice…
Jeff Bezos: can he save journalism? Stephen Brashear/AP/Press Association Images

Pin your hopes on the next generation to fix news media

When representatives of the British newspaper industry were defending their freedoms from the modest changes to press regulation proposed by Lord Justice Leveson, they compared the UK with Zimbabwe, Iran…
Isolated, pigeonholed, marginalised: women in the UK press. Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire

Hard evidence: is there still a gender bias in journalism?

EDITOR’S NOTE: A correction was made to this article after publication. It was claimed that there were no female political correspondents at the Daily Mail. There were, in fact, three political correspondents…

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