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Professor Sir Michael Marmot: ‘Health is a better measure of social progress than national income.’ NHS Confederation, CC BY

Boyer Lectures: Episode 1 – Health inequalities and the causes of the causes

[The 57th Boyer Lecture Series]( exploring the social determinants of health]( Over four lectures and four weeks, the World Medical Association president, professor Sir Michael Marmot, explores the challenges communities face in solving issues of health inequality.

In episode one, professor Marmot explains how the conditions in which people are born, grow, live, work and age, determine their risk of poor health. “The causes of the causes are the social determinants of health and they influence not only lifestyle but stress at work and at home, the environment, housing and transport,” he says.

To listen to the lecture or read the transcript, visit the 2016 Boyer Lectures page on ABC RN.

* Editor’s note: This article originally contained the audio and full transcript of the lecture but due to licensing restrictions, these have been removed.

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