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New era of straight talking for Labour. And that’s what worries the party’s MPs. UK Media Watch

In a spin: why Seumas Milne is the wrong spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn

When it was announced that Seumas Milne, the Guardian columnist and associate editor, had been appointed as Labour’s executive director of communications and strategy, sections of the press were vitriolic…
Bloodied but unbowed: Charlotte Church at a press conference for the People’s Assembly Against Austerity. Reuters/Phil Noble

How Charlotte Church kept cool in the eye of a tabloid and Twitter storm

I’ve written elsewhere about the effortlessness with which the BBC’s Question Time programme seems to habitually generate controversy. Regular guests, such as George Galloway, David Starkey, Russell Brand…
Al Jazeera journalist Mohamed Fahmy is jailed for three years in Egypt. EPA/Khaled Elfiqi

This is a hellish time to be a journalist

The news that two British journalists and their unnamed Iraqi colleague were arrested and charged by the Turkish authorities [though released following publication of this article] for “engaging in terror…
But wait – he’s got a beard! Lynne Cameron / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Song remains the same for UK papers when it comes to Labour leadership

It’s increasingly apparent that the Labour Party is muddling through a period of existential crisis. This week’s welfare bill debacle, where 48 MPs wilfully defied the interim leadership’s call for abstention…
Comfortable? Sang Tan / AP/Press Association Images

Bad news week for BBC as Murdoch press sharpens claws

It’s to be yet another week of crisis, inspection and introspection for the forever under pressure BBC as the government is set to publish a green paper on Thursday, which will, the Guardian says, signal…
Well organised campaign. Lauren Hurley / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Strange bedfellows unite to fight TTIP – but will it work?

It’s not often you can say that UKIP and the Green party are united in their political aims, but on the contentious subject of the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) they are…