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Natural history of the present

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Don’t sleep with mean people

That’s the message uber-cerebral Canadian rapper Baba Brinkman wants to spread. He’s crowdfunding a music video and short documentary in support of what he calls the new Golden Rule of Sex. How cool can…

Sex, food and pseudoscience

“This,” as I believe it is now fashionable to say, “is actually a thing.” Where by this I mean Sexcereal. A his and hers line of wholefood cereals that tout themselves as the world’s first all-natural…

The placenta and the pace of life

The poor old placenta. It really doesn’t get much public attention. And yet it does a crucially important job - acting as the interface between the mother’s blood supply and that of her developing foetus…
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Politics of the penis

Brian Mautz has had a big week. Since his paper on the importance of penis size in attractiveness judgements was published in PNAS on Tuesday morning, news outlets and blogs have proved near-insatiable…