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Earth from moon, footsteps on moon
Elements of this image furnished by Nasa. Elena11/Shutterstock

Curious Kids Live: exploring the solar system

The Conversation’s Curious Kids series responds to children’s questions on all sorts of topics, but there’s one that comes up again and again: space.

Why can’t we put people on Mars? How high could we jump on the Moon? What are meteorites made of?

For the second episode in our webinar series, we’re going to be answering questions about the solar system – the part of space that includes our home, Earth, and the other planets that orbit around our nearest star, the Sun. This is also a topic primary school children might be covering as part of their Key Stage Two curriculum.

Join us live to hear experts answer questions on asteroids, gravity, the missions to Mars happening right now – and more. We’ll be answering as many questions from children as we can, so send your queries to us at, or tweet us @ConversationUK with #curiouskids.

The Conversation’s Science Editor Miriam Frankel will host the online discussion at 2pm GMT on March 4, with:

Monica Grady, Professor of Planetary and Space Sciences at the Open University

Jacco van Loon, Astrophysicist and Director of Keele Observatory, Keele University.

This event is now over, but you can watch a video of it on YouTube.

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