French presidential race

Emmanuel Macron was the winner of the first round of the French presidental election. Eric Feferberg/AFP

French election: how the vote came to be so split

The first round of the presidential election has left French citizens and politicians divided – and the top candidates' four-way split doesn't favour governance of the country.


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Trump: how we got here

The fall of the Berlin wall was supposed to usher in ‘the end of history’, an eternal age of capitalist economics and liberal-democratic politics. It hasn’t turned out that way.

Trump: where we might end up

As candidate, Trump promised protectionist trade policies and denigrated international agreements. Now, as president of the United States, how far can he go?

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French election



Part of a shipment of 33 rhino horns seized by Hong Kong customs, originated from Cape Town, South Africa. Bobby Yip /Reuters

Why is the illicit rhino horn trade escalating?

Rhino horn trade continues to be a highly lucrative business across the world.







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