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Activists ‘pash on’ in Taylor’s Square, Sydney, in 1995 to protest against discriminatory laws. C.Moore Hardy/City of Sydney Archives

Friday essay: public ‘pash ons’ and angry dads – personal politics started with consciousness-raising feminists. Now, everyone’s doing it

Personal activism has achieved major legislative change, such as no-fault divorce and the decriminalisation of homosexuality and abortion. But it’s also used by groups who want to reverse that change.
Opposition Leader, Foreign Minister, Governor-General, and defender of the constitutional status quo: Bill Hayden had a significant public career. Dave Hunt/AAP

Bill Hayden’s remarkable contribution to public life

Former Labor Leader and Governor-General Bill Hayden has died aged 85. Hayden is remembered for his role in establishing Medibank (later Medicare) and for leading Labor’s recovery after 1975.

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