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What is micellar water and how does it work?

The molecules that make micelles are in your dishwashing detergent, your body wash, your shampoo, your toothpaste and even many foods. They are there to help the water interact with the dirt and oils.

The science of the ideal salad dressing

There is a large energy cost to breaking apart and mixing the water and oil layers. The secret to blending them is to add an extra ingredient known as a ‘surfactant’ or emulsifier, like mustard.
Government information sources like the U.S. patent database often file bad information without labeling it or providing a way to retract it. Thinglass/iStock via Getty Images

When authoritative sources hold onto bad data: A legal scholar explains the need for government databases to retract information

Theranos was dissolved years ago, and its CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, is in prison, but the company’s patents based on bad science live on – a stark example of the persistence of faulty information.
Interference in research has serious consequences for scientists and for the laws and policies their research informs. (Shutterstock)

Canadian scientists are still being muzzled, and that risks undermining climate policy

If scientists cannot freely conduct and communicate their work, the gap between evidence and policy widens, and that means Canada gets less effective laws and policies.

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