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Full response from Nakkiah Lui

In relation to this FactCheck on funding for legal services for victims of domestic violence, writer and actor Nakkiah Lui said:

The main source I was referring to in my statement on Q&A was the following from The Guardian [which reported]:

“These cuts include $35m from community legal centres, which provide frontline support services to domestic violence victims.”

[A Guardian article headlined] Coalition to unveil carve-up of $30m in domestic violence legal assistance [reported]:

“The Turnbull government will unveil the carve-up of a promised $30m for frontline legal assistance and family law services at a domestic violence summit in Brisbane … ”

Other sources I read in research in regard to cuts to legal services were:

“Despite the May Federal Budget, community legal centres nationally still face a 30 per cent cut from July 2017, with the Budget retaining more than $34 million in cuts amid a broader Federal funding shortfall of $100 million over the next four years … ”

I have nothing further to add at this time. The Federation of Community Legal Centres has addressed the funding cuts with passion and integrity - I hope they are listened to and supported as they are very much needed.

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