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Full response from the AiGroup for a FactCheck on how Australia’s top tax rates compare internationally


In relation to this FactCheck on the AiGroup’s Innes Willox’s statement that Australia has “one of the highest progressive tax rates in the developed world”, a spokesman for the AiGroup sent the following sources and comment:

Innes was referring to top marginal tax rates. Data for 2016 show that Australia has a relatively high top marginal tax rate (49%) but not the highest among OECD countries (Sweden is top, at 60%). The rub is that our top marginal rate cuts in at a relatively lower level of income than most other OECD countries (2.2 times our average wage).

Chart created by AiGroup using OECD data. AiGroup/OECD
Chart created by AiGroup using OECD data. AiGroup/OECD

The spokesman also sent a screenshot from an OECD report titled Revenue Statistics 2014 - Australia:

A screen shot from the OECD report Revenue Statistics 2014 - Australia. OECD

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