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A section of Robert Dale’s Panoramic View of King George’s Sound. Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery

A view of everything: panoramas of the Western Australian coast

Often it is just one artwork that kindles the idea for an exhibition. Robert Dale’s extraordinary panorama of King George Sound, engraved by Robert Havell and published as A Descriptive Account of the…
Why was this novel, completed in 1971, withdrawn from publication at the last moment? scrappy annie

Review: In Certain Circles by Elizabeth Harrower

It is nearly 50 years since Australian writer Elizabeth Harrower’s previous novel The Watch Tower appeared. Why, after producing four novels between 1957 and 1966, did she stop writing? Or at least stop…
Henri Matisse, The Horse, the Rider, and the Clown 1943-4. © Centre Pompidou, MNAM-CCI, Dist. RMN-Grand Palais / Jean-Claude Planchet © Succession Henri Matisse/DACS 2013

Matisse cut-outs stun with colour, scale and ambition

The Tate Modern’s incredible new exhibition brings together more than 130 works by the French artist from public and private collections worldwide. It is a once in a lifetime show that focuses on Matisse’s…
Where to for Don Draper and the kind of man he is in Mad Men’s final season? Courtesy of FOXTEL

Inside the Mad Men: Don Draper and American masculinity

This weekend, AMC’s Mad Men returns to TV screens for its final season, due to be shown in two halves, this year and next. In its six seasons to date the period drama has won plaudits for its writing and…
The Lego Movie demonstrates a surprisingly acute understanding of the boundaries between childhood and adulthood. Nick D.M.

The Lego Movie understands what separates kids and adults

I’m sitting here in my office, having made several false starts on this piece, and my phone has just buzzed. My five year old son – who an hour ago accompanied me to a packed screening of The Lego Movie…
Striding back on to our screens. Sky Atlantic

Review: Game of Thrones season four opener

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers for Game of Thrones season four, episode one. When we first met Charles Dance’s Tywin Lannister back in season one he was gutting a stag – a none-too-subtle…
Kevin Draper’s Tree and Grid is part of the Regional Arts Showcase on display at Parliament House. What makes a regional artist in 2014? Regional Arts Australia

Regional Arts Australia takes root – but what is ‘regional’?

Currently on display at Parliament House is an exhibition that we are told is the first of its kind. Entitled Place and Practice, it’s a showcase of works by artists based in regional and remote areas…
Torbay (1957) is on display at the Art Gallery of Western Australia in the first major retrospective of the neglected artist for 35 years. © Susanna Grey-Smith and Mark Grey-Smith Art Gallery of Western Australia

Why are Western Australian art and artists invisible?

The recent television series The Art of Australia presented by Edmund Capon, and its counterpart Hannah Gadsby’s OZ, offered a blinkered view of Australian art practice that ended at the 129th meridian…
Love and war collide onstage in Sport for Jove’s production of All’s Well That Ends Well. Seiya Taguchi/Sport for Jove

Review: love and war in All’s Well That Ends Well

Love is a battlefield. While Pat Benatar might have made this line her own in the 1980s, Shakespeare and his contemporaries were also familiar with the trope. Analogies between wooing and hunting were…
Designers can work small to produce large impact. Courtesy of the artist Anupama Kundoo

Review: CUSP – Designing into the Next Decade

Designers today are impatient for their work to expand into a larger world. They are testing their expertise in complex and non-traditional fields such as finance, conflict, health and disease; growing…
Worst musical name ever? Yui Mok/PA

Lloyd Webber flop Stephen Ward bewildered the audience

No one has ever claimed that the gods of theatre are fair. Musicals have flopped in London for any number of reasons: some were ahead of their times (the first production of Sweeney Todd), some were overpriced…
Makoko Floating School, Designed by NL Makoko Community Building Team. © NLÉ

Don’t judge Designs of the Year 2014 at face value

I have a golden rule, which is never to review a building unless I have been to it. Architecture is at heart about use and experience, and this simply cannot be conveyed through pictures, words and drawings…
Does Aim High in Creation! create the conditions for active resistance to fracking in Australia? Production still from Aim High in Creation!

Kim Jong Il says … always Aim High in Creation!

The history of revolutionary cinema has been marked by a number of mercurial manifestos. Sergei Eisenstein, for example, believed in the brute potential of editing to activate the political senses. Fernando…
Has Danny Cohen stolen Bonneville’s comedic limelight? BBC/Jack Barnes

W1A falls short of the real absurdity of life at the BBC

Oscar Wilde once wrote: “Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life.” But W1A, the BBC’s new let’s-all-laugh-at-ourselves observational comedy, has shown art can be quickly left behind, following…
Give documentaries on AIDS the centre stage. Dylan Mohan Gray

Documentaries can tell us more about AIDS than Hollywood

Documentaries have the power to tell the stories with the most impact. They describe the “real” world, present “real” problems. Despite this, it is drama and Hollywood film that reaches the masses. As…

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