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Articles on Obesity

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Obesity creates surgical complications

Obese patients are nearly 12 times more likely to suffer a complication after elective plastic surgery, according to Johns…
The number of people smoking daily has dropped but 60% of Australian adults are now overwight or obese, a government study found. Flickr

Over 60% Australian adults now overweight or obese

Over 60% of Australian adults are now overweight or obese, according to a report released today by the Australian Institute…
Keeping weight off is much harder than losing weight in the first instance. AAP

Weighing up the options on obesity

Prevention is the cornerstone of society’s response to the current obesity epidemic. But even if no more people were to gain much more weight, those who are already obese face serious health problems…

Yo-yo dieting may not damage your health

Yo-yo dieters may be healthier and live longer than those who stay obese, a new Ohio University study finds. “If the conventional…
It’s how much you eat, not when you eat it, that affects weight management.

Monday’s medical myth: eating at night causes weight gain

If only a cure to world hunger was as easy as dishing out late-night sandwiches to the starving masses, and seeing them gain weight by eating at night. The reality is that it’s not when you eat, but how…
Children form lifetime brand associations from age two. flickr/AlternativeMedia

It’s time for Ronald McDonald to hang up the red wig

More than 550 international health professionals and organisations have signed a letter to McDonald’s calling for the Ronald McDonald icon to be shelved. What’s made Ronald McDonald such a successful marketing…

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