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Government and opposition in a dead heat: Newspoll

Malcolm Turnbull addresses South Australian Liberal Party members during a speech on Saturday. Lukas Coch/AAP

The latest Newspoll shows Coalition and Labor on 50-50% in two-party terms, while microparties and independents have increased their support in the past fortnight.

As the national polls continue to show the contest neck and neck, Labor lost its small 51-49% Newspoll lead which it had enjoyed since early April.

In the Fairfax Ipsos poll published on Saturday Labor had moved to a 51-49% lead.

The primary votes of the Coalition, Labor and the Greens each fell a point in Newspoll, published in Monday’s Australian. Other parties and independents gained three points to 15%. The Coalition is on 40%, Labor 35% and Greens 10%.

Malcolm Turnbull’s net satisfaction has worsened from minus 12 to minus 14. Bill Shorten has also suffered a decline, with his net satisfaction going from minus 12 to minus 19.

They also had a mutual decline in their better prime minister ratings. Turnbull retains a strong lead of 45% (down one point) to Shorten’s 30% (one point fall).

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