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India Tomorrow podcast series from The Anthill – trailer

Populist politics, divisive nationalism, an under-performing economy and a strongman leader. Like many countries around the world, India is grappling with these issues at the moment. But the world’s largest democracy is at a crossroads.

Around 900m Indians are heading to the polls over the next six weeks to decide if they want to reelect the current government of Narendra Modi and his Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Some commentators have said the very idea of India is at stake.

India Tomorrow is a seven-part podcast series by The Anthill. Instead of focusing on the minutiae of the election campaign, we’ll be exploring some of the major issues facing India – whether that’s with Modi at the helm or not.

We’ll be looking at how identity politics, a global phenomenon, plays out in India. We’ll be speaking to academics from around the world about the rise of Hindu nationalism, Kashmir, the role of caste and gender in shaping Indian society, and how women and young people experience these.

Keep track of the episodes that have been published so far, and what’s still to come in our series episode guide.

You can sign up to The Anthill newsletter to get an email about each new episode. We’ll also be publishing transcripts of each episode on The Conversation. And do get in touch with any questions via or via Twitter @AnthillPod. We’ll be putting your questions to academics a bit later in the series.


The Anthill is produced by Gemma Ware and Annabel Bligh. Editing by Alex Portfelix. Thank you to City, University of London’s Department of Journalism for letting us use their studios to record The Anthill.

Picture source: Ashwin Kumar via Wikimedia Commons

Music: Flying Cat & Sitar by Tranko, via Free Music Archive

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