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Applied Centre for Climate and Earth Systems Science

ACCESS is a consortium of several agencies, researcher councils, research programmes, universities and research groups who have combined efforts to deliver a range of outputs aligned to the Department of Science and Technology’s (DST) Global Change Grand Challenge (GCGC).

It is a platform for an integrated and end-to-end research and education, services and training outputs and outcomes related to the opportunities and challenges emanating from a varying and changing environment, collectively referred to as Earth Systems Science. ACCESS provides an opportunity for unprecedented co-operation across a range of disciplines which reflects the inter-connected nature of the southern African Earth System (SAES).

Thus our (expanding set of) partners represent an equally broad range of expertise and education and training institutions who have committed themselves to delivering a new scale of intervention in Earth System’s science which will do justice to the globally unique opportunity that the southern African Earth System provides us with.


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Choices in a fog of uncertainty: lessons for coronavirus from climate change

The science to policy process that was developed to guide climate mitigation decisions can be applied to the response to the COVID-19 pandemic, without having to be reinvented.
Mountains overlooking the Hex river valley in the Western Cape, South Africa. The country has been experiencing inclement weather this summer. EPA/Nic Bothma

The three culprits behind South Africa’s weird weather patterns

South Africa has been experiencing odd weather patterns during the month of November. It can be attributed to three culprits.


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