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Aurum Institute

Aurum was formed in 1998 to investigate means of mitigating TB in gold mine workers. In 2002 it was contracted by the Anglo group to design and implement an HIV Treatment programme, which became the first large-scale intervention of its kind.

An authority in our field, we have spent the last decade totally focused on researching, monitoring, training, treating and managing these two epidemics, as well as occupational and other diseases, making a substantial and measurable difference to the lives of the people of Southern Africa, and ultimately, the region’s economy.

We are achieving this by formulating new and ethical ways of treating and preventing diseases in the community. We conduct research programmes and clinical trials that not only influence public health policy but also aid the development of highly effective health systems that are required to overcome the impact of TB and HIV.

We are a proudly African, public-benefit organisation with over 17 years’ experience in leading the response, treatment and research efforts to eradicate TB and HIV. We have been working alongside government, the mining industry, among NGO’s and in communities to better understand the global health challenges to provide real solutions.

Our remit is to improve the health of people and communities through innovation in TB and HIV integration in global health areas. With our knowledge and skills, we are best suited to achieve this by:

• Strengthening existing health care systems • Constantly innovation to imrove the way things are done; and • Conducting research to determine the best ways and means to eliminating TB and HIV.

We do this with one aim - to make a differential impact - underpinned by an evidence-based track record of excellence in delivery against programme objectives which have a transformational impact on health in the communities in which we work.


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