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Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute

AHURI is a not-for-profit independent national research organisation that conducts and disseminates high quality research on housing, homelessness, and cities. These activities inform the policies and practices of governments, industry, and the community and stimulate debate in the broader Australian community.

AHURI is a unique venture. A professional research management company works with a collaborative network of researchers, universities, and the policy and practice community nation-wide.

AHURI currently invests around $3.2 million annually in the delivery of high quality policy-oriented housing research and associated activities.

Funding is received from three sources: government grants from the Australian and all State and Territory governments; contributions from the Institute’s university partners; and third parties.


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Low to moderate income earning are finding themselves ‘trapped’ in the outer suburbs, due to the slow growth rates of their property. flickr/Image_of_Money

Can lower income buyers build housing wealth too?

The historically low interest rates being enjoyed by Australian households are fuelling talk of a housing bubble, despite efforts by the Reserve Bank of Australia to hose down what it calls “unrealistic…
Increasingly, the impossible dream? Government policy has contributed to a lack of affordable housing. AAP

Tax Forum: reforming how property is taxed means we’ll tackle affordability

The Federal government’s Tax Forum offers a unique opportunity to begin remedying some of the inefficiencies and inequities we are witnessing in our housing system. Housing in Australia has become an unaffordable…


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