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Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute

Founded in 2002, AMSI comprises member institutions throughout Australia. It was formed in response to a need for collaboration in the mathematical sciences to strengthen mathematics and statistics especially in the universities. AMSI’s mission is the radical improvement of mathematical sciences capacity and capability in the Australian community through: • the support of high quality mathematics education for all young Australians • improving the supply of mathematically well-prepared students entering tertiary education by direct involvement with schools • the support of mathematical sciences research and its applications including cross-disciplinary areas and public and private sectors • the enhancement of the undergraduate and postgraduate experience of students in the mathematical sciences and related disciplines


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Mathematics is everywhere, from national security and genetics to public transport scheduling. Bonita Club/Flickr (cropped)

Optimising the future with mathematics

AUSTRALIA 2025: How will science address the challenges of the future? In collaboration with Australia’s chief scientist Ian Chubb, we’re asking how each science discipline will contribute to Australia…
More maths teachers means better outcomes for students. Flickr

Mathematics: Why we need more qualified teachers

There is a crisis in the education system, and it’s affecting the life chances of many young Australians. The number of secondary teaching graduates with adequate qualifications to teach mathematics is…


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