Beijing DeTao Masters Academy

Wisdom is the power that develops civilization. At DeTao we contribute to human progress by gathering important elements of the world’s developing wisdom in a systematic and scientific way. We aim to preserve important parts of this heritage and use it to enrich lives. The essence of the heritage is to empower us to use an appropriate variety of scientific methods, perspectives and creative inspiration to solve real problems.

The wisdom that society has developed in order to expand industry is especially important. DeTao believes that the experts (masters) who drive a wide variety of industries and professions have accumulated enormous wisdom. We are bringing together leading masters from around the world representing many fields. These masters will share their advanced knowledge with apprentices in a sophisticated learning system that goes beyond conventional degree studies. Putting special emphasis on the sharing of tacit knowledge, we seek to nurture professional elites with unique specialties and thus help the development of enterprises that depend on such expertise.

The masters, students, technologies and capital to build up DeTao will come from all over the world. The concept of the Masters Academy originated in China but aims to have worldwide influence with its unique semi-public, semi-commercial and open business approach. The DeTao Masters Academy is dedicated to improving enterprises and institutions and thus contributing to the harmonious development of the society.


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