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Centre for Social Studies

With an emphasis on empirical research and Gujarat as its core research region, the Centre also undertakes studies related to other parts of the country. Without compromising its core ethical commitment for the marginal and deprived sections of society and theoretically informed and empirically rigorous social science research, the thrust areas of CSS research has shifted over the decades.

The research interests of the faculty encompass a wide area including scientific methods of enquiry, studies on tribal communities, dalits and minority groups, ethnographic enquiries, sects and religion, rural transformation, social conflicts, movements and riots, urbanization and development, urban and regional planning, literature and social consciousness, human resource development (education and health), coastal studies, environmental issues and social impact assessment of projects.


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India’s tricolour (which actually has four colours) hides a complex subaltern history that originates with Mahatma Gandhi. Adam Jones/Flickr

Minority histories of the Indian national flag

As India celebrates its independence, the flag is on full display, but few people know about the complex origins of this ubiquitous national symbol.


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