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Ekiti State University

The hint for creation of the University came during 1979 Nigeria general elections, when a gubernatorial candidate for Ondo State, Chief M. A. Ajasin made the university creation one of his campaign promises.

In March, 1981, Chief Ajasin as the Governor of Ondo State, announced the establishment a multi-campus university at the launching of 4th National Development Plan and constituted a 17-member Consultative Committee to work on the University blueprint namely: Professor O. O. Akinkugbe (Chairman), Prof. A. Adaralegbe, Prof. O. S. Adegoke, Prof. A. A. Ademosun, Prof. Z. A. Ademuwagun, Dr. N. F. Aina, Prof. J. F. Ade Ajayi, Mrs. Julia Akintoye, Prof. S. A. Aluko, Prof. M. A. Bankole, Chief R. F. Fasoranti, Prof. D. A. Ijalaye, Prof. J. A. Majasan, Prof. E. F. Ojo Prof. S. A. Ola and Prof. I. O. Oladapo (Members) and Mr. R. A. Faba (Secretary).

The terms of reference of the committee were as follows:

To examine the multi-campus system of university education and recommend the programme that should be followed by the Ondo State Government in achieving its objectives, taking into account the scarce resources (financial and material) of the State; To recommend the disciplines to be pursued and the locations of such disciplines; To recommend the organizational structure of the academic and administrative components of the proposed university, as well as the relationships between the main campus and the constituent colleges; To examine the financial implications of (ii) above; To suggest sources of funding the university in addition to Government’s subvention’ To advise on the procedure for appointing the principal officers of various colleges as appropriate and to plan the working details of each colleges and To make such other recommendations as the committee shall deem fit. Highlights of the Consultative Committee report to the State Government on 16th July, 1981 are:

That the university should have a main campus and a number of component inter-disciplinary campuses, phased over a period of time and carefully chosen to take maximal advantage of the socio-economic circumstances and the developmental potential of the area. That the campus development of the satellite campuses should be undertaken from 1982 onwards, and that the first quantum should show evidence of activity in all campuses. That the university should pre-occupy itself with the exploitation of land as an economic investment, stimulation of indigenous entrepreneurial support by endowment, and the establishment, after thorough feasibility appraisal, of promising commercial ventures. That the university should embark on a deliberate policy of staff development of incorporate the training of young graduates at the university’s expense with the hope of their returning to constitute the major source of indigenous academic staff support for the university.


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